Each year the Oatka Festival, held on the banks of the scenic Oatka Creek, starts off with a gala musical parade. Many local churches and organizations provide the food choices and the continuous entertainment is family oriented.

Another highlight of the Festival is the arts and crafts show overlooking the scenic Oatka Creek. Many classes and families plan their reunions to coincide with the weekend and there is a "coming-home atmosphere" for all who attend.

Please remember that pets, skateboards and bikes are not allowed on the festival site.

Oatka Festival Steering Committee


Lauren Humphrey, Chair - 585-615-4213
Mary Jo Elmores, Vice-Chair - 585-768-8596 - oatkafest_food@yahoo.com


Food Vendors: Mary Jo Elmore, 585-768-8596, oatkafest_food@yahoo.com
Crafts/Commercial Booths:
Becky Elmore, oatkafest_crafts@yahoo.com
Parade: Bob Sullivan, 585-768-7905
Banners/Sponsors: Shannon Ingles, 585-813-7642, shannoningles@yahoo.com
50/50 Raffle: John and Sue Doemling, 7585-68-6744
Music: Kate Flint, 585-813-9557
Safety/Security: Mary Jo Elmore, 585-768-8596
Publicity & Communications: Lauren Humphrey, 585-615-4213
Volunteers: Kari Powers, 585-813-8407, kkkp75@yahoo.com
Treasurer: Tina Raucher, 585-734-8052
Secretary: Stacie Major, 585-301-7872


The parade will begin at 11:00 am on Saturday. The parade will form up on Lent Ave.

Festival End Time

The Duck Derby begins at 5:00 pm. The police will not open the street until after all of the pedestrian traffic has moved away from the street and onto the sidewalks comfortably. They determine when that is, based on the crowd size and their movement. Safety is their responsibility.

Contact Us

E-mail: info@oatkafestival.org
Mailing Address:
Oatka Festival, Inc.
PO Box 222
Le Roy NY 14482-0222